How Secure Is Your Email?

Mary in accounts has had an email. Something in the back of her mind tells her it’s not quiteright. But she’s in a rush. Lots to do. So, she clicks the link. And… that’s it. Without realizing it, Mary just let hackers into the business. Oh. Wow. Thatwas easy. And it really can be as easy as that. As IT security experts, we know that one click on a badlink is all it can take to let hackers into your system. The dark side of the internet is a very real threat to your business. Criminals around the world keep

That kind of IT Support

Imagine you’re visiting your doctor. And telling him about what’s worrying you. He looks puzzled. So, goes onto his computer, and in front of you, Googles your symptoms. Oh. My. Gosh. Wouldn’t that be terrifying…? You’d definitely seek a second opinion… But in all seriousness, this is the MO of many IT support companies out there: That’s one kind of IT support company. We’re the other kind. We invest thousands of dollars each year into training and certificationsfor our team. Do they use Google? Sometimes, yes. When it’s a particularly challenging problem. But only to find supporting evidence to confirm

Cybersecurity? What is that?

The old-fashioned way for criminals to make money was simple. Get a gun. Pick a bank. Pull pantyhose over your head. Keep your fingers crossed that the getawaydriver didn’t drive off without you. These days it’s laughable that a criminal would do that. There are MUCH easier ways to steal money. Like hacking your network. Criminals are targeting all businesses of all size, all the time. They are looking for ways to get intoyour email, perhaps to change the bank details on invoices you must pay. Or worse, they will steal all your data and hold it hostage until you