Imagine you’re visiting your doctor. And telling him about what’s worrying you.

He looks puzzled. So, goes onto his computer, and in front of you, Googles your symptoms.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Wouldn’t that be terrifying…? You’d definitely seek a second opinion…

But in all seriousness, this is the MO of many IT support companies out there:

  • Google the current baffling technical problem
  • Click on a forum post of somebody who asked a similar question a few years ago
  • Read the discussion and weigh up the competing anonymous advice
  • Ask Google a more specific question armed with new knowledge
  • Scratch head a bit more and eat another donut

That’s one kind of IT support company.

We’re the other kind. We invest thousands of dollars each year into training and certifications
for our team.

Do they use Google? Sometimes, yes. When it’s a particularly challenging problem.

But only to find supporting evidence to confirm the theory in their mind of what your
technical problem is.

Same way that doctors do actually access medical databases to check on meds and other
details they’ve long forgotten.

But your doc knows what they’re looking for. And our technicians are the same.

In fact, they spend more of their time preventing problems from happening on our clients’
computers, than they do fixing them.

That’s a huge point of pride for us.

Every single business owner or manager like you wants one thing from their IT:

That it just works.

What you don’t want are:

  • Pointless delays
  • Staff moaning about their computers
  • Or things just going wrong, making the working day even more difficult

This is why you must pick the right kind of IT support to look after your business and support you.

Especially when you’ve got some of your team working from home and some in the office.Right?

Let’s talk. Send us an email to or give us a call on (+34) 643 732 407 to discuss how we can help you stay safe.